The Gaming Market in 2022

The gaming market will be even hotter and more developed in 2022 than it was in 2021.

1)Traditional game makers will flock to the blockchain game industry

According to a report by Coinelegraph, Ubisoft, the world's largest gaming company, became a validator node on the Tezos network in April last year, a channel node operator on the network in July, and a founding member of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, and is actively planning blockchain game releases.

With more game producers coming on board, we can expect more 3A games in the new year as well.

2)Traditional gamers will take part in GameFi

After being tested by the market in 2021, GameFi will be tested by traditional players in 2022.

For Crypto natives, they may be more concerned with the revenue profile of the game, but focusing only on revenue clearly deviates from the original intent of the game. We believe that as traditional players get in, people will start to focus on the playability and continuity of the game.

This of course does not mean that the financial attributes of the game are diminished, and in 2022, we also expect better economic models and deflationary mechanisms to empower GameFi to flourish.

3)More traditional investors will engage in the GameFi industry

With the great success of Animoca Brands and the increasing activity in the blockchain investment market, more investors from traditional industries will look to the blockchain industry. As an easily actionable project within the blockchain industry, GameFi can be a simple gatewayfor traditional investors to enter the industry.

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