CEBG Whitepaper


The roadmap will be adjusted from time to time according to the operating plan.
Jul. 2021
- Game development kick off
Nov. 2021
- Complete Alpha Test
Jan. 2022
- Angel round financing
Feb. 2022
-Official website & whitepaper
Apr. 2022
-IGO-Over 30 partners
May. 2022
-Beta Test Round
-Private round financing
-Mobile Version on Apple store and Google Play
Jun. 2022
-Beta Test Round 2
Jul. 2022
-Token on DEX
-Game launched
Aug. 2022
-New function released:
  • PVP Ranking
  • PVE
  • NFT can be leveled up to Lv.15
Oct. 2022
-Release Map Editor-3D version release