In the Couner Fire metaverse, when players enter the PVP arena, they can compete in both ranked and casual modes. You can choose to go solo or form a team of four.

PvP matches are automatically constructed based on team size, hero levels, and the current online users. The higher your rank, the more kills you get, and the greater the rewards."

Battle details

Each battle is balanced by matching players with similar abilities based on hero levels and win rates.

A total of 4 PVP game modes:

• By team size: Solo & Team of four

•Battle types: MOBA & Battle Royale


Players can earn Crystals through battles. Players who own asset NFTs can earn additional Crystals through battles. Crystals can be converted into CEC through the hashing power system.

Players can earn CEC through their season ranking in ranked matches. Ranked mode focuses on competition. Each ranked game affects the player's seasonal ranking.

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