CEBG Whitepaper



In the CEBG metaverse, after players enter the PVP arena, they can compete in ranked and normal modes. You can choose to play solo or in teams of four. During the battle, a certain amount of CEG will be obtained, and each round will be rewarded with CEG tokens according to the ranking.
PvP automatically builds a battle with 40 participants according to the team size, hero level and current online users.
During the battle, you cannot be resurrected after death. The higher the ranking and the higher the number of kills, the higher the reward.

Battle details

• There are 40 people participating in each battle, and they are matched according to the number of winning rate and level balance.

A total of 4 PVP game modes:

• By team size: Solo & Four-player
• Ranking based on: Quick game & Rank


The PVP Arena determines the number of battles based on each hero's stamina. The maximum of one hero can participate in 10 battles per day. In each battle, CEG tokens will be rewarded, according to the in-game performance.
After the stamina is exhausted, CEG can be consumed to recover. Players with higher rankings will be able to get more CEG token rewards from it, and CEG tokens can be sold on exchanges for players to earn profits. Stamina consumption increases with level.


Map Drops: Battle buffs
End of Match Rewards: Game tokens($CEG) & share results to receive random treasure chests (including stamina, repair oil, etc.)
Season Rewards: After the season, according to the ranking of each region, earn a share of the governance token($CEC) prize pool.
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