Game Story

K-PAX is a planet that exists in the Couner Fire world, inhabited by a group of indigenous people who have lived and worked peacefully for generations under specific social and economic rules.

But two months ago, unknown rays from the metaverse attacked K-PAX, leaving the entire planet in shambles and mutating some of the original inhabitants, who became known as the Super-Mutant, K-PAX Mutant.

The Super-Mutant not only has strange physical features, but also wields mysterious powers. However, the GR-Super-Ray has not only changed some of the original inhabitants, it has also created a new type of creature, the Super-Evil, an evil creature that wants to rule the world and has begun to use its special powers to mercilessly slaughter a world on the verge of collapse. But the good and righteous Super-Mutants have risen to the occasion and are about to go on a heroic quest to defend their homeland.

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