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In the Couner Fire World, bounty quests will be opened regularly.

This section is exclusively available to players who have achieved a minimum level of 4.

Depending on the quest level and rewards, the time and conditions to be completed are also different. The bounty quests will be playedas idle quests.


After being placed a bounty, there is no need for a user to interact any further. Battles will be completed automatically. Players can both place Heroes in PvE mode and play PvP with the same character simultaneously as long as the Hero has sufficient energy.

Duration and Features

This mode supports offline play as well. Players can start the PvE idle gameplay, then log off and the battles will be automatically completed. The duration of a PVE is 6, 12... (up to 48 hours), the higher the level, the longer the time, the large the reward.

Players cannot participate in PVE continuously. After participating in the last PVE mission, it takes cool-down time before starting the next PVE battle. Intermediate intervals can be shortened by spending $CEC.


A certain amount of game tokens will be rewarded for winning the battle. There is no reward for failure.

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