Burning and Treasuries

As the player attributes in the game are obtained through consumption to achieve game upgrades, a significant amount ofCEC will be burned, which will lead to a relatively stable revenue stream.

Source | Description |Team Allocation | Treasury Inflow

Copyright Tax | 4% of NFT transaction volume | 50% | 50%

Handling Fee | 2% of NFT transaction volume | 50% | 50%

Hero Upgrades | Revenue needed for hero upgrades | 50% | 50%

Equipment Upgrades | Revenue needed for equipment upgrades | 50% | 50%

Rune Upgrades | Revenue needed for rune upgrades | 50% | 50%

Shop Sales | NFT sales in the shop | 50% | 50% Based on the Treasury Fund and player CEC staking, employ a community-driven governance model to vote on the development of future iterations and the strategic direction of the COUNTER FIRE platform, determining the next steps. Once the community is mature enough and capable of achieving decentralization, the treasury will ultimately be governed by those who believe in and contribute to COUNTER FIRE

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