CEBG Whitepaper



Weapons can increase the hero's force value and attack effect during battle, increasing your potential win rate. It can only be purchased with CEGs.

Weapon Types

There are 7 categories of weapons, and different categories correspond to different original skills and attributes. They are Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Lightning, Frost Machine Gun, Dragon Fire thrower, RPG. Each gun has different attributes and different damage.

Weapon Attributes

Each firearm will initially have 7 basic attributes. According to the different types of each firearm, the attribute values are different.
Attack:The damage value of the firearm to the place
Range: The maximum shooting distance of the gun
Rate of Fire: The time interval between bullets being fired
Vision: The range of vision after equipping the gun
Magazine: The capacity of the magazine
Reload: Time to reload bullets
Durability: A value that will be consumed every time you participate in PVP and PVE

Weapon Level

Each weapon can be upgraded to level 5. The attribute value types of similar weapons of different levels are the same, and the higher the level, the larger the value.


Each weapon has 4 levels of rarity, which can be increased by combining similar weapons. Increase the rarity of obtaining additional attribute skills. When merging weapons to increase their rarity, the lower tier weapons will be consumed.