CEBG Whitepaper

Play To Earn

CEBG supports Play To Earn.
According to the player's game combat performance, in addition to some in-game item rewards, players can also get token rewards. The Play To Earn mode allows players to earn CEBG's two types of tokens, $CEC and $CEG.

Gain $CEC through battle

CEC will only distribute rewards at the end of each season based on the player's ranking, instead of during regular daily battles. The player's ranking only refers to the number of points the player generates by participating in PVP and the region they are in.
The number of allocations and allocation rules for CEC vary from season to season and all rules will be decided by community voting.
The basic principle: the higher the ranking, the higher the amount of CECs obtained.

Gain $CEG through battle

CEG will be generated in the player's daily PVP game. Players can also get CEG rewards by completing missions in PVE mode.
CEBG sets a cap on the $CEG rewards each hero can earn from battles per day. However, players can increase the upper limit by increasing the level of hero NFTs: the higher the level, the higher the upper limit.
In each battle, the amount of CEG generated by P2E is positively related to the NFT level, attribute value, and winning rate. Players can get higher CEG returns by upgrading NFTs.
Please notice that Play To Earn mode is only accessible to holders of hero NFTs. For those who don't have hero NFT, there will be no token rewards through battles.