Hero Stories


The fox demon clan that Hill belongs to has a long history. They are good at charming others, and the more beautiful their appearance, the higher their power. From this point of view, Hill is undoubtedly one of the strongest.


Yamada is a highly gifted scholar who can easily make the most powerful explosives, but often forgets the trivialities of life.


Aoi is from the Black Forest region on the west coast, and it is rumored that she is a descendant of the Arch Druid. Because she likes to eat candy, she often seals healing techniques in lollipops.


Astral lost both her parents when she was a child and was raised by a killer organization. She is proficient in drone technology, so she was given the title of a Star, a harbinger of immense destruction.


Miffy likes to play hide-and-seek with people and watch them play. No one knew why she did that, maybe she was just timid and wanted to play with everyone.


Canoe is the black priest of the Church of the Fallen Angels. She is very good at summoning hordes of mechas. Watching opponents wallow in despair is her greatest pleasure.


Marianne was originally a fur hunter in the Wild Beast Valley in the south. After accidentally touching the blood of Behemoth, she gained a powerful transformation ability.
Dragonscale's life is a mystery, and I heard that he came here from a mysterious country in the east, looking for an ancient artifact that could save his people from suffering.


Lazar was born in exile, his family was poor, and he often worked in the black market to make a living by boxing. He takes the law of the weak as his creed, and treats his enemies ruthlessly.


Kurosawa is the youngest king's guard in Shata, and has a fortitude and steady personality different from his peers. At the same time, influenced by royal etiquette, he also has amazing accomplishments in the culinary arts.