CEBG Whitepaper

Core Values

Design on mobile

CEBG can fully meet the entertainment needs of players in fragmented scenarios on the mobile side.
At present, users with mobile phones far exceed PC users, and it is also an urgent need for many GameFi players to be able to play games on mobile phones.
CEBG supports iOS and Android phones, and does not require a higher configuration.
Each battle in CEBG takes about 10 minutes, allowing players to start an exciting and interesting battle with friends, any time anywhere such as coffee shops, buses, and meal.


CEBG provides holistic support to fulfill the social needs from players;
The winning mechanism of CEBG also relies heavily on the close cooperation among players; Games with design attributes always own a longer life.

Free To Play

CEBG has designed Free-To-Play mechanism that is friendly to any player.
Prior to design, CEBG team has done thorough testing and research in the whole market, receiving excellent feedback from players.
Therefore, based on the free-to-play and the high-quality gameplay, CEBG has the opportunity to continuously attract new users from the 1 billion gamers worldwide, and convert them into players who enjoy playing CEBG, holding CEBG NFT and earning CEBG Tokens.

Experienced Operation

CEBG has established partnerships with Multiverse Play, Kucoin and Polygon, all of whom have enriched resources and experience in project operation.

Economic Model Driven by Sustainability

CEBG team took a deep dive into the design of many excellent economic models and made optimizations on ours.
The focus of the CEBG economic model, in addition to the overall deflation goal, is more important to make the community stronger and the market more stable. The CEBG economic system is built upon a stablecoin system denominated in US dollars, a governance currency with limited amount, and a central game gold coin that covers players' daily consumption and earnings.
CEBG leverages the high-quality gameplay and efficient user growth capability from the team to ensure the continuous growth in scale, so that market liquidity can be guaranteed.

Long-term Development

Type of games like CEBG, generally creates strong vitality and a long life cycle.
CEBG is aiming to build million-player's community to continuously innovate exciting gameplay and highly consensual community.
It's fun, easy to get started, makes friends etc.
In addition, there is ample product space for players to enhance their skills and gear, allowing them to evolve into more accomplished and skilled players.
At the same time, the CEBG team is committed to long-term development and optimization of CEBG.