CEBG Whitepaper



Boosting new heroes or weapons with chips can add additional attributes types and related stats to them. Each chip could only be used one time. Then it would be consumed. The boost also has a chance to fail.


HP: Represents the character's HP. When the HP drops to 0 during the battle, the character dies
Healing: Restores a fixed amount of blood per second.
Attack: Represents the damage value of the character, the higher the attack power, the greater the damage to the enemy
Defense: Represents the defense value of the character, the damage received is the damage that should be received locally according to the amount of the defense value
Movement Speed: The movement speed of the character, the higher the value, the faster the movement speed
Range: The maximum shooting distance of the gun
Rate of Fire: The time interval between bullets being fired
Magazine: The capacity of the magazine
Vision: The range of vision after equipping the gun
Reload: Time to reload bullets
Lucky Value: Increases game currency output


There are no classes or types for chips, but only rarities, of which there are 4 in total.
Green Quality: One attribute affected
Blue Quality: Two attributes affected
Purple Quality: Four attributes affected
Orange Quality: Six attributes affected