Chip Stats

Serial No.

Hero Chips

Firearms Chips


HP (%)

ATK (%)


ATK (%)

Crit Rate


DEF (%)

Crit DMG %


Crit Rate

Attack Leech (%)


Crit DMG %

Reload Time (%)


Dodge Rate

Bullet Fly Speed (%)


Dodge DMG Reduction (%)


Max HP Recovery every 5s (%)

l At level 1, starts off with 1 stat (random).

l At level 3, gains a 2nd stat (random).

l At level 5, gains a 3rd stat (random).

At level 5 and above, unlocks Lucky Stat: players can choose a Lucky Stat.


HP: Represents the character's HP. When the HP drops to 0 during the battle, the character dies

Healing: Restores a fixed amount of blood per second.

Attack: Represents the damage value of the character, the higher the attack power, the greater the damage to the enemy

Defense: Represents the defense value of the character, the damage received is the damage that should be received locally according to the amount of the defense value

Movement Speed: The movement speed of the character, the higher the value, the faster the movement speed

Range: The maximum shooting distance of the gun

Rate of Fire: The time interval between bullets being fired

Magazine: The capacity of the magazine

Vision: The range of vision after equipping the gun

Reload: Time to reload bullets

Lucky Value: Increases game currency output

Chip Controls

Acquiring Chips: Purchase in the store to acquire. The store sells Hero Chip Boxes and Firearm Chip Boxes. There are 3 types of each box (Lv.1, Lv.3, Lv.5). Open boxes to get the chips and stats of the corresponding level.

Installing Chips: Players can install chips in the Hero Info and Firearm Info screens. Once a chip gets installed, the hero or firearm will receive the chip's stats.

Removing Chips: Chips installed on heroes or firearms can be removed. Once a chip gets removed, the hero or firearm will lose the corresponding stats. If the chip contains Stamina and the Stamina has been consumed, players are required to pay a Mint Fee to remove the chip (to restore the consumed Stamina to the chip).

Crafting Chips: Players can craft chips in the SCI interface to increase chip level and get new stats and higher stat values. Crafting success rate is calculated based on the materials that players add: If successful, the chip will level up and the materials will disappear. If unsuccessful, the chip level will remain unchanged and the materials will disappear.

Chip Cores

When all 4 chips have been installed on a hero or firearm, the core will be activated.

The star level of the core is determined by the lowest level of the 4 chips.

Cores provide heroes or firearms with additional stats.

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