CEBG Whitepaper

NFT Upgrade & Upgrade

Hero/Weapon Upgrade Mechanism

Heroes and weapons. Every level can bring a stat boost.
Heroes and weapons can be upgraded to 15 different levels via the Academy. Upgrading costs a certain amount of $CEG.
Newly upgraded heroes and weapons can reduce the time cost for getting CEG each day.
High level-up consumes Game Coins + $CEG + $CEC.


In the Academy, players can use Advance feature to upgrade the rarity of heroes and weapons.
Heroes and weapons can be advanced in the Academy. Once successfully advanced, the hero or weapon will gain additional stats. This process contains a certain probability of success or failure. If successful, the hero or weapon will become more powerful and can be sold for a higher price on the NFT market.
Successfully advanced weapons and heroes will increase the daily Game Coin output limit.
They cannot be traded on the market until 10 days after being successfully advanced.
Advancing consumes 2 NFTs of the same type + $CEC + Game Coin.

Motivations for Upgrade and advancement

  • The higher the level, the higher the level of the matched players, and the higher the high-level battle rewards.
  • The higher the level, the higher the attribute value corresponding to the hero and the weapon, that is, the higher the winning rate.
  • Use chip upgrades to gain additional attributes, which can help increase your win rate.
  • By unlocking various attribute values, players discover that each hero and weapon has unique numerical growth and attributes as they level up and advance through comsuming Game Coin and $CEG.
There is a cap on the token rewards that each hero can get every day. The higher the level, the higher the upper limit. Only by participating in the PVP ranking game to get the $CEC rewards.