CEBG Whitepaper

$CEG - Gaming Token

CEG token is the game token.
Total supply: unlimited.

How to Gain CEG

CEG can only be gained through P2E
CEBG does not sell $CEG to players directly

CEG Use Cases

  • Energy Purchase: Players need energy to P2E and need to spend CEG to purchase energry once used up.
  • Purchase of Repair Oil: Weapons will get damaged during the game. Players need to purchase repair oil with CEG in order to improve their win rate.
  • Upgrade & Level up NFTs: In order to increase the rewards from P2E, players need to spend a huge amount of CEG and a portion of CEC to upgrade and level up NFTs.
  • Reduce CD: All the upgrades, level-up and PVE will trigger CDs. Players need to spend CEG to reduce the CD.
  • Transaction Fees.

Stability of CEG

The consumption-production ration of CEG is balanced through the in-game economy.